5 Step Repair a fishing rod

My friend borrowed my light weight fishing rod and caught a very big fish! Shortly after the fish landed, the rod was broken in half. I liked that stick, with an even bigger story attached, so I decided to fix it.

Step 1: Prepare your materials:

Step 1

Materials required:

  • Epoxy Glue (I use JB Well)
  • Drill Play
  • Paper towel

On the drill bit, I brainstormed for quite a while to find a splint where I could put in the hollow branch of the fishing rod. I even went down and had a dowel that was just over-sized, planning it sand. Then I thought of the pile of my old drill bits. I have + 1/64 of each size “They’re strong. They’re about the right length. So I went to find my pile fitting” just snug “, (better than a small game arc).

Step 2: Adhesive 1/2 bit in:

Step 2

Place the glue on the cone of the beat, and on one end of the stick, about half way.

Step 3: Use to reduce the amount of glue:

Step 3

Add the other half glue. I’m just loading glue – better, I’m saying.

Step 4: Put “Right” together:

Step 4
When you combine it you must make sure that your adaptation is correct. Most breaks will help you as their jagged edges align.

Step 5: Clean the dirt:

Step 5
Swipe a little from a paper towel or two, and clean the mess from “plenty”. Now my fishing rod has a well-earned battle scar from such a wonderful fish fight.

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