Intex explorer k2 kayak review and buying guide 2020

Are you new into kayaking? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you require an entry-level and superior quality kayak. A great way to get started is to look for an affordable and inflatable kayak. The best of such kayaks is the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. There are several reasons you need this kayak as a beginner. First is that it is affordable. For beginners, they do not need an expensive kayak to start with. If you are on a budget, you can easily afford this model. Secondly, the kayak is designed for learners. If you are looking for a level entry product to introduce your younger ones to the world of kayaking and fishing, this model is the best option for you. Even if you an experienced user, the product is good for you. It is spacious enough, and it can take up to 400 pounds.

Intex explorer k2 kayak review

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There is no doubt that Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a great and an inflatable kayak. It is designed for two persons. The kayak can be used in different water such as mild rivers, lakes, and ocean and so on. It is certain from the features and designs that the product is perfect for beginners. Many experienced users are satisfied using this high-end fishing kayak. It is affordable and functional; it is not surprising that it is enjoying positive reviews on the internet today. The kayak has wonderful features that set it apart and here is the review of these great features.

Functionality :

When you are looking for a good quality kayak, the key consideration is functionality. This model is the most functional of beginner fishing kayaks on the market today.It can take the weight of up to 400 lbs and two persons can use it at a time. Two people can use it comfortably. It has spacious sitting areas. This makes movement free and easy within the kayak. The kayak features an inflatable seat. It is comfortable to sit on it. Moreover, if you have any need to adjust the seat, you can do that without difficulties. All you do is to relocate the thing that holds it in position, which is the Velcro fastening strips and put it in the appropriate place.

Furthermore, it features two ninety-six inches aluminum oars. This is great for this product, because it makes it more functional. For more comfort, you can always add custom made oars. Perhaps, the most outstanding feature is the fact that it is easy and simple to deflate after use. This also makes it portable and facilitates storage till the next use. This product scores high in functionality.

How reliable is the kayak:

Another outstanding feature is the ability to withstand tough water. This makes it the most reliable kayak of that category. When you are looking for a product like this, issue of durability is indispensable. It is apparent from the high-quality materials used to produce the kayak that it is durable. You will have value for your money. This is not surprising; the model is designed with fine quality gauge vinyl material. Because of that, it can withstand the most difficult terrain such as rough water, kids jumping, as well as hooks and rocks and so on.

For beginners, it is advisable to use it only in pond and flow lakes until they become perfect. This is not the case with advanced users, they can use it in other water. They can use it comfortably in a rough environment.


Learners using kayak has every reason to worry about safety. If they are fishing in deep water, they could be endangering themselves when their safety is not guaranteed. Because of that, the most important factor to consider when you are making a buying decision is the safety issue. For this kayak, safety remains the most prominent feature. First, manufacturers ensured that they produced all parts of the kayak with the finest quality materials. The materials are durable and this means that it does not expose you to danger. The materials can withstand all kinds of conditions it is subjected to. When you are using it, you are sure that you are heavily secured and there is nothing like danger. The worry that the vessel could flip does not occur. Because of the durable materials, the weight is always balanced.

It features a deep hull. This is another safety measure put in place by the manufacturer. No matter how worse the condition may be, it is not easy for water to find its way into the hull. When you use it, you do not need to worry about baiting. Furthermore, it has brilliant colors. The benefit of this is that it is easily identified when there is a problem in the water.


It is already stated that Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is affordable. It does not sell above one hundred and fifty dollars. So, this is affordable and it will always translate to value for your money. You can hardly believe that such a durable kayak should be sold at that cheap price. The price is good for beginners because you do not need to borrow or empty your bank account.


The kayak is designed to serve you for a long time. Designers used reliable and heavy duty resistant vinyl materials to make it. The material could not puncture and that is one of the reasons it is durable. In addition to that, the bottom of the kayak is designed with a tube in addition to the two other main tubes. It features tube structure and this provides it with the needed support. Connections and seems are well built, and they intended that the product will serve for a long time. To make it more durable, you should be conscious of the place you store the kayak. It is advisable to store it in a clean and dry area. The most important thing is that there should be no direct contact with sunlight. If it is well preserved, it can serve you longer. Storing the kayak should not be a problem if you have a garage in your home.


It is already stated that the yellow color makes it easily identifiable in water. The product is designed with a raised nose to steer it out of difficulties whenever it encounters one. Furthermore, it features I beam floor, it is able to sit high on the water surface. Many kayakers like it for this design. You are already aware that the body is composed of 30 gauge PVC materials. This makes it durable. However, you should know that the design does not make it suitable for heavy rapids. In addition, kayak features separate air chambers. This is good as it compensates for its inflatable floor. Because of this, the kayak will always float even if it encounters a punctured chamber. This makes its users safe in the water.


The product arrives with some of the most useful accessories apart from the kayak. Three important accessories that come with it include repair kit, air pump as well as 3 paddles and so on. These accessories may not be the best in the market, but the fact remains that it will add value to the product when you buy one. All the accessories, as well as the kayak, is found in the duffel bag, which it comes with.

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It features paddles, but this does not do much good, as it comes with some drawbacks. The problem is that it cannot be adjusted. It is good for some users, but for other users that require adjustment, this is not the best. If you think that you cannot adjust it, then it is necessary that you upgrade it to a level that suits you very well.

Air pump:

It features an air pump, which works very well. When it is pushed, or pulled up the air pumps will work. It comes with a manual air pump, many users prefer an electric pump.

Questions and answers :

Q: Please which is the best between Intex challenger and this Intex explorer?

Answer: Many people are asking the question. I always advise that you opt for this model because of the obvious benefits. This model is self-bailing, and it has superior seats. It is more comfortable to ride and you are safer riding this kayak.

Q: When I order the product, what does it come with?

Answer: When you order the product, it will come with two paddles, two inflatable seats, one kit bag. These are okay and if you want, you can buy extra when it becomes necessary.

Q: Can I remove the seats so that I can use it for the fishing purpose only?

Answer: The seats are firmly attached to the floor. If you want to remove the seats, you can do that.

Q: Please may I know the weight limit

Answer: The maximum load it can take is 250 to 400 lbs

Pros :

  • The kayak is highly affordable
  • It is comfortable to use
  • The model is designed for two people
  • It is easy to spot in deep water because of the color
  • The model is highly stable

Cons :

  • Features inferior quality paddles
  • It is not the best for choppy water

What users say about the product?

The product has more than two thousand reviews on the internet. It is fun and easy to use. Two users can sit on the kayak comfortably. If you want to get enough catch, you can simply remove the seats. If you want to enjoy your afternoon in a nearby lake, always use this kayak.

Final words

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is the best entry-level kayak on the market. For experienced users, it may seem bulky, but for new users, it remains the most ideal on the market. It features everything you want for you safety and comfort padding.

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